Ammar al-Hakim urged elder brothers to solve regional crises

SHAFAQNA – Ammar al-Hakim, Head of National Iraqi Alliance Coalition (INC), has called on the five major countries of the region, the ‘elder brothers’, to hold talks to solve regional crises.

“It is important that the five major countries in the region including the Islamic Republic of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, and Turkey, get together and resolve the problems through negotiations,” said Ammar al-Hakim in his Fitr Feast congregational prayer sermons in Baghdad on Monday.

“While understanding your (Kurds’) aspirations, we believe in the integrity of the country, thinking that outcome of division in the tumulteous world today is unstable lands,” said Hakim in his sermon.

He opposed separation of Kurdistan region from Iraq.

“Once triumph over Daesh (ISIS) terrorist group is announced, the historical agreement plan should go in force in Iraq,” said Hakim, while emphasizing historical agreement among Iraqi political parties after end of Daesh.

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