An example of Islamic generosity

SHAFAQNA – Mohammad ibn Abi Ameer was a special student and confidant of Imam Kazim (AS), Imam Reza (AS) and Imam Jawaad (AS). Despite being a religious scholar, he was also a trader to earn his livelihood. A person who used to owe him 10000 Derham suddenly went bankrupt and he could not pay his debt to Ibn Abi Ameer; so he sold his house for 10000 Derham and came to Abi Ameer to pay him.

Ibn Abi Ameer asked him: Where did you bring this money? Have you inherited it? That person replied: No, I sold my house to pay my debt. Ibn Abi Ameer said: Zareej ibn Maharebi narrated from Imam Sadeq (AS) who said: Human being does not go out of his house (does not lose his house) in order to pay his loan. Take this money and go, I do not need it [1].

[1] Safinatul Behar, Vol. 1, Page 314.

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