An Indian Cartoonist Posts a Caricature about Torturing the Human Rights Defender Hussein Jawad

SHAFAQNA – The Indian cartoonist, Aseem Trivedi, posted a caricature that depicts the suffering of Hussain Jawad, the chairman of the European-Bahraini Organization for Human Rights, in the Bahraini prisons.

The caricature, that consists of 7 drawings in the paper size of Tabloid newspaper, sums the torturing story of Hussain Jawad since he was arrested on February 16, the last.

On his Twitter account, Trivedi called on to “protect the human rights in Bahrain” and protect the human rights defenders, in particular, whom Jawad is considered one of.

“Hussain was targeted for his work as a human right defender,” was mentioned in one of the drawings.

However, the other drawings come as a scenario presenting the torturing process that Hussain was subjected to and him being forced to confess fabricated charges besides referring him to trial.

Trivedi ended his drawing demanding the release of Jawad saying that, “for justice and humanity we demand to stop torture and scarp confessions”

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