Annual baqee protest held in front of Saudi Embassy in US capital, Washington

SHAFAQNA – The BAQEE ORGANISATION held its annual rally calling for the reconstruction of the Baqee Cemetery and protection of the world religious heritage on July 3rd, before the Saudi Embassy in Washington D.C.

Since its inception the BAQEE ORGANIZATION has been tirelessly working towards the defence of religious communities to their respective, and global historical heritage.

“Our duty is not only to the reconstruction of the Baqee Cemetery, in that its ground is holiest of all to Islam, but the preservation as a whole of all our religious historical heritage. The right to religious freedom does not stop at the practice of one’s faith, but all that made a faith: its history, its culture, its traditions, its monuments, its art. Losing our past to sledgehammers and exclusionism would be tragedy too far! We will not stand for it.” – BAQEE ORGANIZATION

The Wahhabi ideology that is deeply rooted, funded & propagated by Saudi Arabia, recommends against the visitation of shrines.  In fact this ideology has been instrumental in convincing its followers to desecrate or even destroy various shrines.

The Islamic Heritage Research Foundation in London estimates that over 98% of Saudi Arabia’s historical and religious sites have been destroyed since 1985.

“It’s as if they wanted to wipe out history,” says Ali Al-Ahmed, of the Institute for Gulf Affairs in Washington, DC.  In recent past, the terrorists following the same Wahhabi teachings have destroyed various places of worship of both Muslims and non-Muslims.

These include the shrines of Prophet Jonah in Nineveh, Prophet Daniel, Prophet Idris and Prophet Seth in Mosul.  The same Wahhabi ideology has evolved into terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Boko Haram, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab and several others around the world. 

The Baqee Organization speaks against such violations against our world heritage!

So far those efforts spent towards denouncing exclusionism, intolerance, sectarianism, and radicalism have been mostly ignored by the press. Indeed, hatred is easier to sell than calls for inclusion and solidarity.

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