Another Bahraini prisoner martyred under torture

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Hassan Alsheikh a Bahraini citizen who was arrested by the regime’s security forces and was kept in central prison, was martyred under the torture. Seyyed Yusuf Almohafeza, Deputy Head of Bahraini Human Rights Centre in his Twitter page wrote: The information we have received indicated that Alsheikh has been tortured by the Police force and after that was martyred in the central prison. Almohafeza added: Nabil Rajab the distinguished humnan rights activist has seen the torture of children in prison by his own eyes and has filed complaints regarding these matters but they have never been investigated by the officials. Non-prosecution of guilty elements is the main cause of Alsheikh’s martyrdom. Almanar TV also confirmed the martyrdom of Hassan Alsheikh.

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