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Ansar Allah Spokesman GCC country hypocrisy in Bahrain , Egypt and Syria

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Spokesman for Ansar Allah – Muhammad Abdul Salam issued statement saying :  It is not surprising GCC foreign ministers to issue a statement to reject what they called it the constitutional declaration, its not new in their position,  because they have already passed like this and more than it in earlier times, and the Yemeni people knows that some of these countries positions is derived from the search for political interests and not for the benefit of the peoples vulnerable.

In Egypt movement was against Egyptian President-elect Mohamed Morsi, was a popular revolution and kept him in prison and his trial and the trial of his regime symbols maturity revolutionary !!The demand of the Bahraini people of their constitutional rights and privileges as a Bahraini citizen was Iranian plot and sectarian escalation . !!And the mobilization of the various types of extremist groups from al-Qaeda and the Nasrah , and others to Syria and arming them with all kinds of weapons, was supporting the Liberal rebels !!

Yemeni people will not believe the alleged of intentions  to defense them, who remained in a state of poverty, unemployment and misery over the past decades in the vicinity of the richest countries in the world, and suffer even on expatriate in some neighboring countries, the level of employment of the most basic rights granted to other arrivals from East Asia and other , with the exception of the Yemeni citizen !!

This is not a revolution of the hungry, but dignity and freedom revolution as well, and we are proud Yemeni as a people that in the modern history of our country has never been a decision without the tutelage and dominance Foreign exception of peace and partnership agreement .

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