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Anti-balaka militants urges CAR president to step down

The self-declared anti-balaka coalition made the announcement in a statement on Monday while accusing CAR’s transitional government of financial corruption and discriminatory attitude towards different political parties.

SHAFAQNA- Anti-balaka militants in the Central African Republic (CAR) have called on the country’s president and prime minister to step down.

“Faced with the chaotic situation in CAR…the [anti-balaka] coalition decides…to ask for the departure of Catherine Samba Panza [the president] and her prime minister (Mahamat Kamoun),” said the anti-balaka self-styled leader, Patrice Edouard Ngaissona.

The anti-balaka militant group has also ordered its members to quit their cabinet positions. Anti-balaka representatives serve as the country’s tourism, arts and culture minister, and also as deputy finance and budget minister.

“The coordinators of the anti-balaka movement are of the view that the transitional authorities no longer inspire confidence and ask all its representatives in government and in the cabinet of the prime minister to resign,” said Ngaissona.

The Central African Republic plunged into chaos and sectarian violence in 2012 after the two militia groups, Seleka and anti-balaka, turned their guns on each other to dominate the crisis-stricken country’s politics and vast mineral resources.

In an attempt to restore peace and stability to the former French colony, a transitional government headed by Catherine Samba Panza was formed in August, including members from different political parties and the Seleka and anti-balaka groups.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees says nearly one million people have been displaced since the outbreak of violence.


Source: Press TV




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