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Anti-Muslim sentiments spiral out after two mosques are vandalized in Wales


SHAFAQNA – An investigation has been launched after two Newport mosques in Wales, UK, were vandalized with anti-Islamic graffiti.

The Muslim Council of Wales (MCW) has said it is “extremely disappointed” as they have worked tirelessly to build community relations across Wales.

Graffiti has been reported at the Jamie Mosque on Stow Hill and the Islamic Society of Wales Mosque at Victoria Road in Newport.

A Gwent Police spokeswoman said the incidents were being treated as hate crimes.

A spokesman for the MCW said: “Whilst we appreciate that this is likely a single or small local group defacing a place of worship and does not represent the views of the wider local community it is upsetting to see it happen.

“The Muslim community in Wales is very active in local community projects, in giving charity and being involved with interfaith and community events with our Christian and Jewish friends in faith and mindless actions like this give ISIS what they want, a break down of relationships, distrust between communities and hatred.”

It is hoped that the graffiti is removed from the mosque, which belongs to the Muslim Community, before children see it.

“It would be no doubt be distressing to them,” said the spokesman.

From their side, Gwent Police said both incidents are now being treated as hate crimes and that arrangements are in place for the graffiti to be removed.

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