Date :Saturday, May 14th, 2016 | Time : 10:13 |ID: 33142 | Print

Anti-Saudi demonstration in London to denounce human rights abuses and Shia genocide

SHAFAQNA – A group of human rights defenders in the UK are calling for an end to Saudi Arabia’s abominable human rights violations against religious minorities in the Middle East – most specifically Shiites. For decades, Riyadh has persecuted, oppressed, and repressed Shia communities across the Persian Gulf on account their own faith: Wahhabism, demands for the annihilation of all faiths except for their own.

This May 28, hundreds are expected to make a stand against al-Saud regime to reclaim human dignity, and reclaim religious pluralism – one of the founding principles of Islam.

“Join us to take a stand against the barbaric Saudi regime that sponsors global terrorist organizations across the world to murder innocent civilians, and persecutes/kills activists as young as 9 that demand basic human rights and freedom in KSA and Bahrain,” read the appeal on Facebook.




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