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Anti war demonstration in London



The anti war groups had a demonstration against Western airstrike on Syria in front of the UK Parliament, today.
Acording Shafaqna’s reporter, they said: We strongly condemn the missile attacks on Syria last week which will have only brought the Syrians more misery and destruction. They will have done nothing to end the war or alleviate their suffering. In sanctioning killing at the behest of Donald Trump, Theresa May deliberately avoided consulting parliament and risked dramatically widening the war.
The overwhelming majority of people in this country oppose this action just as they have opposed the series of wars of the last seventeen years. So following protests around the country yesterday, the anti war groups, invite the people to  further protest in Parliament Square, this Monday 16 April.
One of the protesters told to Shafqna’s correspondent: This action has been shaped by the failure of Western policy in the Middle East. It is not true that the West has been doing nothing in Syria over the last few years. Britain was involved in covert ops before 2015 and regular bombing raids since the vote in 2015. According to Airwars, the West has been involved in more than 50,000 bombing raids in Syria in the last four years, killing thousands of civilians. But their basic plan, to use the Syrian opposition to secure regime change by arming them and providing them with military back up, has been unsuccessful. The project of getting rid of Assad has been abandoned for the time being.
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