Appearances on the Day of Judgment

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Bara’a ibn Aazeb that Moaz ibn Jabal in Abu Ayyub Ansari’s house was sitting next to the prophet of Islam (PBUH), Moaz asked: O’ the Prophet of Allah (SWT), what is your opinion regarding the Ayah 18 of Surah Al-Naba’a saying: The Day when the horn shall be blown so you will come in droves? The Prophet (PBUH) replied: O’ Moaz, you asked a big question and then tears filled the Prophet’s (PBUH) eyes and said: Ten groups of my Ummah which are separated from others will enter whilst their faces have been changed by Allah (SWT).

Some of them like monkeys, some like pigs, some upside down, their feet up and faces down and they are pulled in this way, some are deaf and dumb and cannot understand anything, some are chewing their tongues and filthy substances pour out of their tongues which all of those present hate it, some have their hands and legs cut off, some are hanging from the branches of fire, some smell worse than dead corps, some are wearing clothes made of copper covered with boiling oil, so hot that their cloths stick to them.

Then the Prophet (PBUH) explained: Those in the shape of Monkey, are tale-bearers; those as pig, were engaged in Haram acts and bribery; those upside down, are usurers; those as blind, oppressed others whilst in government and judicial positions; those as deaf and dumb, are selfish ones who loved their own actions; those chewing their tongues, are scholars and judges whose deeds were different from their sayings; Those whose hands and legs are cut off, bothered their neighbours; those hanging from fire branches, are spies and informers of others to rulers and kings; those who smell worse than dead corps, have sunk deep in their desires and over-enjoyments and did not pay from their wealth what God prescribed to them; those in molten clothes are arrogant and rebellious ones [1].

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 7, Page 89.

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