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Apple replaces Free button with Get on App Store

SHAFAQNA – Apple has replaced the ‘Free’ button with ‘Get’ for free apps and games across its iOS and Mac App Store. The change seems to have been been rolled out worldwide and is visible to all users.

All apps that don’t require users to pay before download now feature the ‘Get’ button. This includes both free apps and apps that feature in-app purchases. The ‘Get’ button features an ‘in-app purchase’ tag for the latter.

The change was confirmed by an Apple spokesperson to Re/Code.

App Annie’s vice president of global corporate communications, which specializes in app store analytics and market intelligence, told Re/Code, “I’m not completely sure, but one could argue that ‘get’ is a more ‘action’ oriented, pro-active word, which could have a positive effect as a call to action. Small changes can sometimes have a positive impact.” Sanchez said.

Apple on its own has not offered any reason behind the change.

According to speculations, this change might have to do with the increasing pressure that the tech companies are facing from regulators such as Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the European Commission. In July this year, Google stopped using the word ‘free’ with games containing in-app purchases in Europe after facing pressure from European Commission.

The regulators had asked both Apple and Google to adopt changes in how they sell and exhibit ‘free’ apps with in-app purchases so that users are not misled.

While Google accepted European Commission’s request of not using ‘free’ word for games that contain in-app purcahses, Apple in an official statement claimed that ‘strong parental controls’ and clear marking of in-app purchases for its apps. It also mentioned a ‘Kids Section on App Store’ and the ‘Family Sharing feature in iOS8.’

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