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Apple to Open New Data Center

SHAFAQNA – As per a report published by Reuters, Apple has plans to convert a failed sapphire glass plant in Arizona into a data center. For the same, the company is planning to invest $2 billion.Apple joined hands with GT Technologies Inc. to set a plant in Mesa in 2013 where they could manufacture scratch-resistant sapphire screens for Apple devices. But in October, GT Advanced filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the plant was closed.

Apple spokeswoman Rachel Wolf considers this investment as one of the largest that they have done. Daniel Scarpinato, a spokesman for Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, the $2 billion investment will continue for more than 10 years. Apple has committed that it would continue to run the facility for three decades.

It is also being reported that the new data center will also act as a command center for handling Apple’s other data centers and networks that manages traffic from services like iTunes and Siri. Apple also mentioned that data center will be powered by solar energy.

The data center would create 600 engineering and construction jobs. “We’re proud to continue investing in the U. S. with a new data center in Arizona, which will serve as a command center for our global networks. This multi-billion dollar project is one of the largest investments we’ve ever made”, said Apple.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, Giles and other officials announced the deal. Apple has not asked for money from the state’s $25 million business recruitment fund.

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