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Arab Analyst: No colonising power can occupy Yemen

SHAFAQNA – In an interview with Almayadeen TV, Abdul Bari Alatwan, Editor of Alrai Alyoum said:  Saudi Arabia has spent $150 billion on buying military equipment including F15, F16 fighter jets and German tanks which is equal to 30 years of Yemen’s budget. He added: We witnessed 3000 US airstrikes against Da’esh, did these attacks destroyed them? So, the question is, can airstrikes alone lead to Saudis victory in war with Yemen? Atwan stressed: No colonising power ever managed to occupy Yemen.

Saudis with its hundreds of fighter jets and help of airstrikes of countries like Bahrain, Emirates, Jordan and Sudan, even if they manage to stop Ansarallah’s progress, what will happen in the end? If Houthis in Yemen like Hezbollah in Lebanon or Hamas in Gaza place their rockets in Sa’adah or other places, what can Saudi do?

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