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Arab states have no option but restoring ties with Damascus: Analyst

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SHAFAQNA- IRNA: Lebanese writer and analyst George Alam pointed to the failure of Arab countries supporting the terrorists and Syrian government’s opponents saying that these countries now have no choice, but restoring ties with Damascus.

According to George Alam, in an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), it is Syria that has to take concession from the other side and raise condition to them. The country will definitely return to the Arab League in March next year, and the country will take part in Tunis Summit. Even Syria may even return to the Arab League before March of the next year.

He emphasized that the opening of the UAE embassy, which plays a central role in supporting the Syrian opposition and terrorist groups, means that a big decision has been made in Arab countries. Of course, this decision has had American support.

‘Today, the United States and the Persian Gulf states acknowledge the failure of their policies. They failed to defeat Syria and President Bashar al-Assad, a victory realized with the support of Iran and Russia,’ he added.

According to Alam, the region, after the resumption of Arab states’ relations with Syria, faces a new reality, the most important of which is the victory of the Syrian-Iranian-Russian axis against the defeat of the Persian Gulf-American axis. Americans decided to withdraw from Syria. Even if they do not retreat, this is indicative of the US failure in the Syrian case. So Syria returns to the scene for the central role-play, as it was before being deported from the Arab League.


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