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Arbaeen pilgrimage in view of a Christian woman: when you walk, many facts about Imam Hussein (P) discover for you

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SHAFAQNA- My feelings are affected by Imam Hossien (AS), he is not a person or just one Imam, but a way of life.
Cloud was a Christian but after participating in Arbaeen pilgrimage became a Muslim and told her memories to Baqiatalah news agency.
Here you can read about her experiences which was published in No. 314 Lebanose Magazine named “Baqiatollah”:
I am affected by Imam Husssein (AS)
Cloudia is an Italian Photographer.
On one of her trips to Iran in the month of Muharram, she provided photos of Iranian mourning and set up a photo exhibition in Rome entitled “Ashura in Iran”.
The aim of that exhibition was to familiarize Italians with Imam Hussein (P), Ashura and Martyrdom and to portray Imam Hussein’s want against cruelty. “Ashura mourning affected my feelings and I became sad and start crying. In this exhibition I have presented about 40 photos from Ashura and Arbaeen ceremony,” she said.
She presented in Arbaeen footage and travel from Najaf to Karbala in order to reach her goal. She intoned that “I invited by Imam Hussein (AS) from Italy. I  am a Christian, and my wish is to be in the heart of history; and now I am in the heart of history, and it is very important to be part of this population.”
“I soon realized that Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) is not a person and not just an Imam, but a way of living for finding the reality of life,” she responded to the question about her idea of this great Crowd of Imam Hussien’s followers , adding that “finding truth is what I want and the only thing making me happy is knelling for it. When you walk, you discover many facts about Imam Hussein. Walking is hard, but if you walk alone and do not talk to anyone, you will whisper with yourself and clean your mind out of anything. My presence here is one of the best things I’ve ever achieved.”
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