Around 300 Australian students visit mosque in Langwarrin; learn about Islam’s mercy

SHAFAQNA - Students from Padua College, Mornington, Australia, had a glimpse into the world of Islam during a visit to a mosque in Langwarrin. 

For the second year in a row, the college students had visited the Bait-ul-Salam Mosque where they were delivered a talk about the basic teachings of Islam by Iman Syed Wadood Janud. “The purpose of this visit is to educate young Australians about Islam, and repelling any misconception and negative perceptions they have,” Mosque Spokesperson Soofi Aziz said. 

Visiting the mosque in a number of batches over two days, 300 students were told by Iman Janud that Islam is “a religion that teaches peace, tolerance and harmony”. 

He spoke about how Islamic teachings related to a Muslim’s daily life through prayer, celebrations, the “Islamic concept of charity” and pilgrimage to Makkah. 

“Anyone who commits a barbaric act or any form of terrorism in the name of Islam has nothing to do with its true teachings,” Iman Janud told the students. 

He said Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had “championed religious freedom, women’s rights, and worked tirelessly to establish peace and tolerance in the society”. 

While at the mosque, the Padua students were shown an exhibition of the Qur’an and Islamic literature as well as banners displaying teachings from the Qur’an on science, cosmology, love, brotherhood, peace and humanity.

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