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Ashura – Islam’s bleeding heart will bring you to tears


SHAFAQNA – It’s an emotional time for Shia Muslims across the globe. Every year the day of Ashura, which means the “tenth day” in Arabic, commemorates the martyrdom of Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) grandson, Imam Hussain, who was killed during the battle of Karbala on the 10th day of Muharram in the year 61 AH (after Hijra).

Also referred to as the “Muslim Passover”, Ashura is a day of painful commemoration of the assassination of Hussain. On this day, Shia Muslims express their grief and reenact the pain and sorrow endured by Hussain while on his quest to protect his people from the Umayyads. The Umayyad caliph won a lot of supporters but Imam Hussain, refused to give his pledge of allegiance to the caliph and chose to die an honorable and dignified death rather than live on in humiliation. As a result, Imam Hussain, his 72 family and followers (including women and children) were brutally killed.

Shia Muslims around the world mark Ashura with the gory ritual of self-flagellation- that’s right, by flaying and cutting themselves with whips and knives until they are soaked in their own blood. Shia believe that the practice of inflicting pain washes away their sins and preserves the suffering of Hussain and his people.

Like other sacred days, Ashura is observed for different reasons and in different ways. Take a look at some incredible images of Ashura practices throughout the world.



1_muharram_babyTo commemorate Hazrat Ali-Asghar, the newborn son of Imam Hussein, Iranianwomen gather with their newborns at the Imam Khomeini Mosalla and the Mahdieh Mosque in Tehran. The tiny boys are dressed in their finest; these beautiful babies belie the gruesome backstory to the day.

During Ashura mourn7_Shia_Islam_ashura ers can visit al-Hussanieh, a special place dedicated to prayer and mourning for Imam Hussain during the month of Muharram. Here, people weep openly and is a practice especially popular in Iraq.


An Iranian Shia in the role of the Prophet Moses heads to the battle of Karbala. People perform these roles as a part of the annual religious performance of “Taazieh” in the Iranian town of Noosh A
bad near the central city of Kashan.

ashura8In a Lebanese village, Shia women chain themselves to each other for a march that re-enacts the battle of Karbala. When Imam Hussainwas killed during that battle his followers, including women, were murdered. As a result the marching women perform the communal mourning march.


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