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Aspirin might reduce risk of dying from cancer


SHAFAQNA- Study findings presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) suggest that people who took aspirin regularly had a 7-percent to 11-percent lower risk of dying from cancer, compared to those who did not take it consistently, as reported by MSN.

The largest benefits came from reducing colon cancer deaths, with aspirin-users having a 30-percent lower risk of dying from the disease than those who did not take it regularly.

  • Further, women taking aspirin also had a lower risk of dying from breast cancer, while men showed a lower risk of dying from prostate cancer.
  • According to the news source, the benefit seemed to be greatest for people taking two to seven doses of regular-strength aspirin each week for much of the study period.
  • People who took as little as half a tablet to 1.5 tablets a week also showed reductions in cancer-related death, and the decline appeared for most people after they took aspirin for about six years.
  • It remains unclear how aspirin lowers cancer risk, but researchers believe that the drug’s ability to lower inflammation and control inflammatory factors that may contribute to abnormal cell growth in tumors could play a role.
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