Assad: Ardogan suffering from political insanity

SHAFAQNA – In his interview with American news corporation CBC, Syrian President said: We are witnessing that Da’esh is employing new recruits. He added: This is not a classical war, terrorist groups do not act like armies, they infiltrate in some areas that Syrian army is not present. Assad rejected use of chemicals by Syria and said: This is a propaganda and shows enmity towards Syria. First of all, chlorine gas is not an agent used by Syrian army, anyone can buy this gas. Secondly if this gas was so effective, then terrorists would have used it widely.

Regarding the role of Saudis in Syria, Assad said: Saudi Arabia has a despotic regime, a middle ages regime based on dark Wahhabi idealogy. Da’esh and Saudis share the same idealogy and their past is also similar. Assad added: Saudi Arabia, da’esh, Alqaeda, Alnusra Front and other terrorist groups share the same Wahhabi thoughts. About Turkish President Ardogan, Syrian President said: He is suffering from political insanity and thinks he is becoming a new age Sultan, not only he ignores the terrorists entering Syria but he gives them logistical and military support.

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