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At a press conference in Tehran , Bahrainis opposition demands overthrow Al-Khalifa regime

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive) – The leader of the Islamic Action Society, Rashed Al Rashed, insisted that the opposition forces in Bahrain announced a boycott of the parliamentary and municipal elections because of the “brutality of Khulaifi regime”, stressing that the people “seeking to change the regime in Bahrain.”

At a press conference in Tehran yesterday, Sunday, October 26th, Rashid said, that “people are frustrated with the regime’s corruption and brutality, and that our main problem in Bahrain is having Al-Khalifa family rule , and not a matter of legitimate demands of citizens only.” He said that there is “a consensus among political associations and opposition forces and the people of Bahrain that the ruling dictatorial regime in the country’s failure to preserve the interests of the people, and it must be overthrown.”

Rashid pointed out that the people demand the right of self-determination, and that is the formation of an independent committee for the elections, leading to the production of the Council reflects the true will of the people. He explained that a referendum would prove to the world that the people of Bahrain can decide their country’s sovereignty, and that the ruling regime is no longer valid to rule the country, because of corruption.

leadership of the Islamic Movement participated in the press conference, Syed Murtaza Al-Sindi, and the Deputy Secretary General of the Association , Sheikh Abdullah Saleh, and number of intellectuals and observers Bahrainis

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