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Attack of Bahrain Security Forces on mourners of Imam Hussein (P)

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SHAFAQNA– Al-Khalifa security forces do their repressive action against the Shiites continuously. In this regard, they attacked on various areas of the country on Saturday and attempted to take down banners related to Ashura.

A number of accounts on social media sites posted pictures of citizens who were injured by shotgun pellets (birdshot) as they tried to prevent security forces from taking down banners related to the religious occasion of Ashura, which is commemorated by Bahraini Shiites for 10 days every year. Security forces reportedly stormed several villages, including Akar and Malikiyya, in order to remove posters and black banners bearing religious slogans related to Ashura commemoration. The citizens deemed this move an attack on their religious ceremonies, repeated for the eighth consecutive year.

Security forces removed religious banners and posters from 21 predominantly Shia Muslim neighborhoods, used tear gas and live ammunition against protestors, and arrested 12 civilians in the same operations.

In April, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) reiterated its accusation against Bahraini authorities of interfering in the Ashura commemoration rites of the Shia citizens.

Since the beginning of Muharram, Bahrain security forces have attacked on more than 10 areas to prevent celeberating mourning ceremonies for Imam Hussein (AS) by the people of this country .

Bahraini Prisoners Left under Heat of Sun because of holding Mourning ceremony

SALAM organization for Democracy and Human Rights has revealed serious violations in Jaw prison against political prisoners who have been practicing Ashura rites.

“We received testimonies from Jaw prison about prisoners being beaten for practicing religious rites,” stressed Salam, adding that they have stated that “some were punished yesterday in the courtyard outside the building and were kept under the scorching sun, beaten by senior officers in prison and demanded to insult and curse the leaders of the Shiite sect in Bahrain.”, Bahrain Mirror reported.


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