Attack on Charlie Hebdo and Repercussions for French Muslims: Shafaqna Exclusive


Attack on Charlie Hebdo has not only rattled France but it sent shivers down to entire Europe. Nine years have gone by when Charlie Hebdo made fun of Muslim’s belief but no reaction came from the world. One wonders that can Al-Qaeda or any other Muslim terrorist group was not capable of striking Charlie Hebdo during previous nine years. The answer is nil. Infact Al-Qaeda and its splinter groups or other radical factions could have brought destruction to Charlie Hebdob but they did not. It seems that a deep conspiracy has been hatched to defame Muslims of France. French Muslims are already facing state discrimination in the form of ban on veil and other rituals. Infact Europe and French Political junta is afraid of rapid spread of Islam in France thus a conceived plan was chalked out to defame Muslims.

a significant section of Europeans seem to have justifiably gone into a reactive mode. And as a consequence, the political and social elements championing anti-Muslim and anti-immigration policies in Europe, especially in France, seem to have suddenly found a more urgent as well as a more cogent reason to justify their hate campaigns. The six million Muslims living in France understandably dread a backlash and fear that the sense of Islamophobia already very visible in their country would further deepen.

The National Front, the French political party that promotes Islamophobia and relentlessly raises the spectre of the so-called threat it holds for French society and its values is said to have already out-paced the French Socialist Party in popularity polls. And its leader Le Pen, who has been knocking for some years on the doors of his country’s mainstream politics from the margins, it is feared, is likely to use the bloody incident to further his hate campaign. There is little doubt that the French extreme right is expected to benefit immensely from these killings. And French Muslims are likely, as a consequence, to suffer more. This situation is not likely to remain confined to France alone.

The rest of the West, too, is likely to experience the aftershocks. In the UK, the ultra-right UK Independence Party is likely to use the event as a more persuasive argument in its campaign against London’s current immigration policy, a campaign which the mainstream political parties are already finding increasingly difficult to oppose. In Sweden, the Democratic Party that promotes anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiments and which in recent polls has been getting 15 per cent support is also expected to cash on the Paris massacre. Indeed, those who would suffer the most from this event would be the majority of the West’s Muslim population, most of which is made up of law-abiding, ordinary people who believe in the policy of live and let live and who do not subscribe to the distorted version of their faith that is being propagated by a handful of misguided extremists. Thus attack on Charlie Hebdo has given West a reason to pressurize Muslims and confined them and more likely one can not rule out Israel’s involvement in this attack as Israel seems proactive against Muslims by making this incident a base.

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