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Australia denies veiled women free access to Senate

Women who have facial coverings are denied access to the open public places of the House of Representatives or the Senate. Instead, they are directed to sound-proof enclosed galleries, a statement issued by the government department in charge of the parliament said on Thursday.

SHAFAQNA- A new measure does not allow visitors wearing face veils to have access to all parts of Australia’s Parliament House.

The statement added that the decision was made “in light of the increased threat environment.”

Some senators lashed out at the decision, accusing the parliament of treating the women who wear face veils “as second-class citizens.”

“This decision gives a signal to the whole country that it’s OK to treat Muslim women as second-class citizens and it is not. It’s wrong,” said Senator Christine Milne, who is also the leader of the Australian Greens.

The Australian government has tightened anti-terror laws citing security concerns over those citizens who travel to the Middle East to fight for the ISIL.

In late August, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that about 100 Australians were fighting alongside the ISIL terrorist group in Iraq and Syria.

The ISIL terrorists currently control parts of Syria and Iraq. They have carried out heinous crimes in the two countries, including mass executions and beheadings of people.


Source:Press TV


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