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Australia supports its citizens travel to Iran

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SHAFAQNA- “The country [Australia] still have positive position on Iran and there is no change in country’s decision about its citizens and tourists trip to Iran”, the Australian cultural counselor, Hamish Leslie, pointed out.

After JCPOA there was a wave of Australian tourists had desire to visit Iran but they didn’t have enough information about the country. Now many of them came to Iran and have decision for revisiting it, Leslie told ISNA.

Australian foreign minister pointed out earlier that the JCPOA is the best plan for nuclear non-proliferation all around the world and we hope other countries support the plan.

“There are a few diplomatic trips between two countries. Australian Media has been the only source of information about Iran so people don’t Know much about Iran”, Leslie said, pointing out the weak Iran’s recognition among Australians.

Speaking about Embassy severe activity to Iranian visa requirement, noticing illegal immigration and other countries changing political position after US leaving JCPOA, Leslie insisted that Australian government have no severity in visa permission for Iranian tourists. The old policy of the country about issuing visa have not changed and recent political situation doesn’t affect it. Iranians can require visa. Of course it depends to their job, income, family and other features, like the conditions in the past.

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