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Australian IS Fighter Declares Group Will Fight Until Black Flag is Placed on Buckingham Palace, White House

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

In the 4th episode of the IS series named “Message of the Mujahid”, an Australian fighter said to be a teenager, appears in the video and is directly addresses the people and the leaders of America, Britain and “especially Australia”, vowing not to put down the weapons, reported SITE monitoring group.

The IS fighter called Abu Khaled al-Australi, speaking in English, says how the Islamic State wasn’t afraid of fighting the US-led coalition, daring the Western countries to rope in thousands of other nations. “Bring every nation that you want to come and fight us. It means nothing to us. Whether it’s 50 nations or 50,000 nations, it means nothing to us,” Site quoted the 17-year-old Aus fighter.

He then went on to directly address US President Barack Obama, UK PM David Cameron and Aus PM Tony Abbott, and threatened that the Islamic State would not rest until they saw black flag of the IS flying high atop the White House and Buckingham Palace.

Several foreign fighters have join the IS ranks and are fighting alonside them in Iraq and Syria.

In June Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said that some 150 Australians had gone overseas to fight with extremists in Iraq and Syria.


PTI, Agencies, Shafaqna Desk

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