Australian Muslims given a human face via social media campaign

SHAFAQNA – caught up with Sean McNulty from Australian Muslim Faces, a Facebook page that was set up to offer a platform for Australian Muslims to be seen as they see themselves. The aim is to give everyday Aussie Muslims a voice whilst simultaneously lending some insight into this all too often ‘othered’ group.

What is Australian Muslim Faces?

Australian Muslim Faces is a Facebook page that gives the wider Australian community (and beyond for that matter) a window in on members of our own community. It is a chance for us to have a voice when no one else is willing to let us. We show Australian Muslims from all walks of life, Sunni or Shia, all ethnicities and from the least practicing to the most practicing and everything in between. 

The point is that we are all different and not just one, homogenous lump – just like anyone else in this country.

The moment we can stop Muslims appearing as this media spawned binary (moderate/exteme Muslim), the sooner Islamophobia loses its power. Islam is not a race, yet we are treated with all the bile that racists can throw at us as if we were. Australia Muslim faces is about showing us off for who we are, not what other people think we are.


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