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UK gov’t orders probe into sacking of former minister over Muslim faith

SHAFAQNA- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ordered a probe into sacking of former minister over Muslim faith. “The prime minister has asked the Cabinet Office to conduct an inquiry into the allegations made by Nusrat Ghani MP,” the prime minister’s spokesperson said on Monday. Ghani, 49, was sacked as a transport minister in 2020, […]

First Iranian champion in Snooker Shoot Out’s history dedicated the victory to his grandmother: “It’s Mother’s Day in Iran”

SHAFAQNA- Hossein Vafaei became first Iranian to win a ranking title in Snooker Shoot Out’s history by beating Mark Williams in the final. Three-time world champion Williams played just one shot in the final, his break-off shot leaving Vafaei the chance to pot a difficult long red into the corner pocket. Vafaei went on to […]

Nigeria: Muslims celebrate birth anniversary of Lady Fatimah (S.A.)

SHAFAQNA- ABNA: Muslim Ummah in Abuja and many states of Nigeria on 23 January 2022 conducted the birth anniversary of Lady Fatimah Zahra (S.A), the daughter of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In the North-eastern states, Sunni Muslims attended the birth anniversary celebrations organized by Shia Muslims at Madrasatu Sumayya Bauchi State where special activities […]

Gaza: Female artists reviving the Quran export [photos]

SHAFAQNA- IQNA: Dozens of female artists in Gaza make embroidered covers for the Holy Quran and export their products to various countries. An association dubbed “Rayidat Al-Mustaqbal” (Pioneers of Future) has established a workshop in Khan Yunis neighborhood, south of the Gaza Strip. Some 40 women work here by implementing the traditional Palestinian embroidery to […]

Germany: Mosque targeted in shooting attack

SHAFAQNA- IQNA: An attack by assault rifles was reported at a Mosque in Germany’s Saxony-Anhalt province early Monday. Two individuals heard shots near the Islamic Cultural Center in Halle, according to a statement made by police, Anadolu Agency (AA) reported. The police discovered three bullets on the ground. Eyewitnesses noted that a 55-year-old person from […]

2022: Seminal year for the environment

SHAFAQNA FUTURE: The continued COVID-19 pandemic, resurgent wildfires, enduring crises of climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution and waste are the most important challenges that the world is facing. Yet, 2022 could prove to be a seminal year for the environment. The year will also mark two golden jubilees, High-level events and conferences scheduled, which […]

Shia answers: What is difference between conditions of interpretation of Holy Quran from Shias’ point of view and views of the Sunnis?

SHAFAQNA- What is the difference between the conditions of the interpretation of Holy Quran from the Shias’ point of view and the views of the Sunnis? Short answer: The main difference between Shia and Sunni interpretations is that Shias in interpreting the Holy Quran, in addition to the words of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), also […]

Lebanon to start talks with IMF for receiving financial support

SHAFAQNA- Lebanese officials will start talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Monday (24 Jan 2022), a Lebanese government source says. According to Shafaqna, the source told the Arabic Reuters that the Lebanese officials will start talks with the International Monetary Fund from tomorrow (Monday). IMF spokesperson also told Reuters on Saturday that a […]

Jeddah: Worshipers wept over demolition of their Mosque and its conversion into an opera house

SHAFAQNA- Saudi activists on social media published an impressive video of worshipers at a Mosque in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, after the last Friday prayer and before the Mosque was demolished to launch an investment project by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. According to this video, the worshipers hugged each other in tears after the […]

Brazil: Birth anniversary of Hazrat Fatemeh (S.A.) celebrated in Sao Paulo

SHAFAQNA- ABNA: The birth anniversary of Hazrat Fatemeh Zahra (S.A.) was held in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo with the participation of Lebanese, Brazilian, and Iranian Muslims. Hojjatul-Islam Khalilu, Head of Imam Mahdi (AJ) Islamic Center in Sao Paulo, spoke on Saturday (22 Jan 2022) on the birth anniversary of Hazrat Fatemeh Zahra (SA) […]

Tehran: First International Conference on “Regional Order and Social Structure in the Middle East: from Theory to Practice” to be held in May 2022

SHAFAQNA- IQNA: The First Biennial International Conference on “Regional Order and Social Structure in the Middle East: from Theory to Practice” will be held in May in Tehran, Iran. The event has been organized by Iranian Political Science Association with the help of Iranian House for Humanities Thinkers, Tarbiat Modares University, Allamah Tabataba’i University, Kharazmi […]

Britain’s Deputy PM: Conservative MP’s Islamophobia claim is ‘incredibly serious’

SHAFAQNA- IQNA: Britain’s deputy prime minister said a Conservative MP who says she was told by a government whip that she had lost her ministerial role because her being Muslim was ‘making colleagues uncomfortable’ should make a formal complaint about the incident. Speaking to Trevor Philips on Sky News, Dominic Raab said that while Nusrat […]

Najaf Ashraf: Imam Ali’s (A.S) shrine decorated with flowers on the birth anniversary of Lady Zahra (S.A) [photos]

SHAFAQNA– The shrine of Amir Al-Mo’menin Imam Ali (A.S) was decorated with more than three thousand branches of flowers on the occasion of the birth anniversary of of Lady Fatimah Zahra (S.A). Last night, on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Lady Zahra (S.A), the shrine of the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali […]

Aspects of Lady Fatimah’s (S.A.) personality in her own words

SHAFAQNA- Lady Fatimah (S.A.)’s virtues resulted in her elevation and it distinguished her character in the eyes of many throughout history. They created the greater part of her character as they include her spiritual state, generous way of life, rational behaviour, wise words, pleasant manners, and other qualities which have made her a role model […]

Iraq: Unemployment rate is rising

SHAFAQNA- Dozens of Iraqi university graduates closed two major bridges today (Sunday) in the southern Iraqi province of Dhi Qar to protest the lack of government job opportunities and to demand employment. One of the demonstrators stated: “University graduates have been protesting for months for job opportunities, However, the authorities do not respond to their […]

What is the definition of “Muslim” according to the Quran?

SHAFAQNA– What is the definition of “Muslim” according to the Quran? Answer: According to the Quran a Muslim is the one who has absolutely surrendered to Allah (SWT) and God’s Commands and believes in pure Tawhid (the oneness of God) that is not tainted with any Shirk, and this is why the Almighty has introduced […]

Parliamentary Representative of Coalition for the Rule of Law: We do not accept American presence in Iraq under any title

SHAFAQNA- The representative of the Coalition for the Rule of Law in the Iraqi Parliament stressed that the United States is the arm of the Israeli regime in Iraq and opposes the presence of American forces under any heading. “The US presence in Iraq is not pleasant,” said a Representative of the Coalition for the […]

Iraqi President & Lebanese Minister of Justice discuss strengthening joint relations

SHAFAQNA- Iraqi President Barham Salih met with Lebanese Minister of Justice Henry Khoury to discuss strong ties between the two countries. During the meeting, the Iraqi President stressed the importance of Iraq-Lebanon relations, the need to strengthen them in various fields, exchange experiences in different areas, activate agreements signed between the two sides, cooperate and […]

UK: Mosques in Birmingham distribute food parcels among vulnerable people seeking help

SHAFAQNA- IQNA: Two Mosques in Birmingham distribute hundreds of food parcels on a daily basis as the demand for the help has increased. Organisers at two Birmingham Mosques say rising energy prices have led to a significant increase in vulnerable people seeking help from the charity food parcel service run by mosques in Handworth and […]