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Guinness World Records launches Arabic website for MENA applicants

SHAFAQNA – Guinness World Records has seen the number of applicants from the MENA region increase by 283% since it opened its first office in the UAE in 2012. In this regard, Global authority on record breaking launches Arabic website to cater to increasing regional applicants. To cater to the applicants, the global authority on record-breaking […]

Us supreme court upholds travel ban

SHAFAQNA – The Supreme Court ruled in favor of President Donald Trump’s September order to restrict travel from several majority Muslim countries to the United States. The travel restriction, the administration’s third, affects people from Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen. Chad was dropped from the list of affected countries in April. Previous […]

Photos: New Quranic façade inside the courtyard of Moslem Bin Aqeel

SHAFAQNA – Masjed-Alkufa  : The Engineering Cadre finished the works of renovating the Quranic façade inside the courtyard of Moslem Bin Aqeel(AS).                      Read more from Shafaqna: Photos: Masjid al-Sahlah, the Mosque of Imam al-Mahdi (aj) Photo: Kazemayn in 20th Century Pictures of Ashura Ashura Procession in Zaria City (Nigeria Oct 2016)     […]

AlKafeel Museum for Treasures and Manuscripts participates in “Mulabboon” Festival

SHAFAQNA – Alkafeel Global Network :  AlKafeel Museum for Treasures and Manuscripts of the al-Abbas’s (p) holy shrine participates in the exhibition of the “Mulabboon” Festival held by the holy shrine of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) in the area between the two holy shrines. The Museum displayed a number of its collections belonging […]

Is acquittal of Sheikh Ali Salman a sign of reform in Bahrain?

SHAFAQNA – Acquittal of Bahrain Shia opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman could be a sign for an end to repression against majority Shia population. Bahrainis rose up against the regime in 2011, calling for a constitutional monarchy and an elected prime minister. The protests – led by Bahrain’s Shia population – were brutally suppressed by authorities […]

Erdogan declared winner as Turkey’s first executive president in historic polls

SHAFAQNA – Recep Tayyip Erdogan becomes elected as Turkey‘s first executive president in twin presidential and parliamentary polls, held for the first time on the same day. With 97.7 percent of ballots counted, Erdogan received on Sunday more than half the votes required to secure an outright victory, Sadi Guven, the head of the Supreme Election Committee (YSK), told […]

USA called Bahrain government to release Shaikh Ali Salman

SHAFAQNA – The detention of Shaikh Ali Salman led to widespread protests across the Bahrain Kingdom, which has been criticized by rights groups and governments alike, including Washington.   Washington has called upon the government of Bahrain to release the Shia opposition leader Ali Salman, who was arrested in 2014, The new khalij reported on Friday. According to Middle […]

Photos: Lalejin, World Craft City for Pottery

SHAFAQNA – MNA | by Gholamreza Zanganeh : LALEJIN, Situated in Iran’s Western Hamedan province, Lalejin can be considered the main Iranian city regarding the production of pottery items. Some 20,000 individuals live in the city, 60 percent of which are potters, ceramists or involved in other related jobs. The city was registered as ‘World Craft […]

48 homes of resistance fighters demolished by Israel

SHAFAQNA – A number of 48 homes of Palestinian resistance fighters demolished by Israel.  Israeli occupation authorities have demolished and sealed 48 houses belonging to Palestinians under the pretext that one of their residents carried out attacks against Israeli targets, a new report revealed. The Abdullah Al-Hourani Centre for Studies and Documentation said in a report […]

Washington told Syrian rebels it won’t intervene in southern Syria

SHAFAQNA – The United States has told Syrian rebel factions “You’re on your own” and should not expect military support to assist them resist a major government offensive to regain strategic area of southern Syria bordering Jordan and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. A copy of a message sent by Washington to heads of Free Syrian Army […]

Abe will visit Saudi Arabia and Egypt

SHAFAQNA – During to his European and Middle Eastern countries tour next month, Shinzo Abe will visit Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is planning to visit Belgium, France, Saudi Arabia and Egypt countries next month, depending on the schedule of the ongoing Diet session, NHK World reports. In Belgium, Abe plans to attend a signing […]

Pope Francis warned on the risk of eliminating Christians from the Middle East

SHAFAQNA – Pope Francis warned that there is the risk of “eliminating Christians” from the Middle East.  Speaking to a group that assists Eastern Christian Churches, Pope Francis warns of the risk that Christians could be eliminated from the Middle East, Vatican News reported. “The Middle East today is a crossroads of difficult situations, suffering,” […]

Azerbaijan hosts Iran’s National Orchestra

SHAFAQNA – The performance is scheduled on the occasion of Iran’s cultural week in Azerbaijan. The orchestra will perform various Persian and Azeri music pieces. Fereidun Shahbazian along Tehran Symphony Orchestra is in Russia right now, holding special performances on the occasion of Iran’s attendance in 2018 Russia World Cup. The group went on stage 2 […]

Morocco’s breaking record in tourism

SHAFAQNA –  Morocco recorded a bumper year for tourist arrivals in 2017, breaking through the 11-million barrier for the first time, the tourism ministry announced on Monday.      Visitor arrivals numbered some 11.4 million, a 10% increase over 2016, with tourists from “emerging markets” such as China and Brazil joining those from France, Spain and […]

US Foreign Policy in Crisis

SHAFAQNA – Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote in response to Mike Pompeo’s claims about Iran:  Following the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Paris Climate Accord, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is the third multilateral agreement that the current United States administration has withdrawn from. The administration has also put in jeopardy other multilateral […]