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Karbala: Disinfection round the clock in the area between the two holy shrines

SHAFQNA- Al Kafeel: The service staffs working in the department of the area between the Two Holy Shrines make a great effort in order to maintain the cleanliness and luster of the central courtyard between the two holy shrines, and services have varied in their forms and multiple in their specializations, as there is a […]

Imam Khomeini’s demise anniversary to be held online in Imam Reza’s (AS) shrine

SHAFAQNA-IRNA: 31th demise anniversary of Imam Khomeini in Imam Reza’s (AS) Holy Shrine will be organized online, so that public presence in the ceremony will be avoided. Speaking to IRNA, Deputy Head of the committee to commemorate demise of Imam Khomeini, Mohammad Sadeq Barati said Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei is to deliver […]

Rouhani: Iran stands by Afghanistan for developing peace

SHAFAQNA- IRNA: Speaking with the Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Monday by telephone, Hassan Rouhani stressed Iran’s policy is expanding ties with neighbors and will stand by the people and government of Afghanistan for the country’s development, peace, stability and security. Congratulating Ashraf Ghani on his new term in office as president of Afghanistan, […]

Photos: Anti-racist protests in the United States

SHAFAQNA- ABNA: More than 1,400 people were arrested during anti-racist demonstrations in 17 US cities. Some US cities and states have also taken military and security measures to deal with protesters. This news is originally published by Abna Persian and is translated by Shafaqna English. Read more from Shafaqna: Video: Ayatollah Hadavi Tehrani message following […]

Paris Grand Mosque To Reopen on Tuesday

SHAFAQNA- ABNA: The Paris Grand Mosque will reopen on Tuesday (2 June 2020), the Mosque board said. The board issued a statement, saying that observing the health protocols is necessary for worshippers after the Mosque opens its doors, ennaharonline.com reported. Wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing and doing the Wudhu (ablution) at home not in […]

Islamic Center of England to hold virtual seminar on “The Legacy of Late Imam Khomaini (RA)”

SHAFAQNA- A virtual seminar on “The Legacy of Late Imam Khomaini (RA”) will be held on Wednesday 3rd June, 2020 by the Islamic Center of England. The seminar will include documentary on his life history, views of western scholars about his personality, short speeches by renowned scholars on his legacy, and quiz with valuable prizes […]

June 1st: International Conference of Ashura Movement In Imam Khomeini’s (RA) Thought

SHAFAQNA- On the occasion of Demise Anniversary of Imam Khomeini (RA), the International Conference of Ashura Movement in Imam Khomeini’s (RA) Thought will be held on Monday, 1 June 2020 in the Holy Shrine of Imam Khomeini (RA) at  5 to 8 p.m Iran Time. Subjects of  the conference are as follows: 1. The grounds […]

Video: Ayatollah Hadavi Tehrani’s message following murder of George Floyd

SHAFAQNA- Ayatollah Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani issued a video message in response to the violent and racist murder of George Floyd by the US Police. In this message, he points to the Islamic teachings about the value of human life. George Floyd is an African-American killed by a white police officer on May 25, 2020, in […]

8th Shawwal, Anniversary of Demolition of the Baqi’ Cemetery+ Photos

SHAFAQNA- Eighth of Shawwal is the anniversary of the destruction of the shrines of Baqi’ Imams (Peace be upon them) by the Wahhabis. According to Shafaqna, the destruction of the shrines of  Imams (A.S) buried in the Baqi’ Cemetery in Medina which was carried out by the Wahhabis  in the 8th of Shawwal in 1344 […]

Quran Recitation In Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia In Ramadan+ Video

SHAFAQNA- Iqna: Some verses from the Holy Quran were recited in a ceremony held in Istanbul’s Byzantine-era Hagia Sophia on Friday. It was organized to mark the anniversary of the city’s 1453 conquest by Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II, commonly known as Mehmed the Conqueror. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has repeatedly said that Hagia Sophia, […]

Shias in India welcome ‘Laylatal-Qadr’ online programs

SHAFAQNA- Iqna: A series of online programs had been organized by Shia Muslim scholars during the holy Month of Ramadan this year. The programs, named “Laylatal-Qadr Khayrun Min Alfi Shahr (the Night of Power is better than 1,000 months)”, were organized online due to the coronavirus restriction. They received well by the countries’ Mosques and […]

In first ‘Taliban attack’ since end of ceasefire, seven members of Afghan forces were killed

SHAFAQNA- ABNA: Taliban, in their first deadly assault since the end of a three-day ceasefire, killed seven members of the Afghan security forces. The temporary truce ended on Tuesday but a lull in the country’s grinding violence has largely held, raising hopes that the militants and Kabul could soon start much-delayed peace talks. Taliban militants […]

Prophet’s (PBUH) Mosque to reopen in stages

SHAFAQNA-IQNA: Saudi Arabia has announced that Prophet’s Mosque will  open to the public in stages from Sunday. According to a report in Saudi Gazette, King Salman has approved opening the Prophet’s Mosque in stages to the public, as part of the Kingdom’s plan to ease coronavirus restrictions and reopen the country. The worshipers will be […]

Petition to establish international administration for two holy Mosques of Mecca and Medina

SHAFAQNA-IQNA: A non-governmental organization named the International Commission has announced the launch of an campaign to establish an international administration to manage the affairs of the two holy Mosques of Mecca and Medina.The campaign by the International Commission to Monitor Saudi Administration of the Two Holy Mosques – otherwise known as Al Haramain Watch, has […]

Mothers’ status in Islam

SHAFAQNA- Salam Islam: Mothers in Islam are held in very high esteem. How a Muslim should treat their parents, especially the mother, is underlined in the Quran and Hadiths (narrations). Several verses in the Quran emphasize the difficulties that a mother goes through and the respect that should be accorded to her. “We have enjoined […]

Video: Why does Allah (SWT) always describe paradise as a place of gardens and rivers?

SHAFAQNA- Why does Allah (AS) always describe paradise as a place of gardens and rivers, according to Sheikh Azhar Nasser. Read more from Shafaqna: Video: What practical lesson can we learn from Prophet Yaqub (A.S)? Video: A portion of your money belongs to poor people Video: What you should say to a Muslim suffering from […]

Imam Hussain’s (A.S) Holy Shrine announces completion of modern orphan school and dental center

SHAFAQNA- Imam Hussain (AS): The General Secretariat of Imam Hussain’s (AS) Holy Shrine has announced the completion of Awlad Muslim School, which is among the prominent strategic and service projects dedicated to orphans. Seyyed Saad Al-Din, general supervisor of orphan schools at Imam Hussain’s (AS) Holy Shrine, said: “Awlad Muslim School for Orphans consists of […]