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Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

Advertorial Reportage- Carpet cleaning is a vital part of keeping a home looking brand new. No one wants to host a holiday dinner if their carpet looks dirty, and no one wants to be embarrassed if a friend stops by unannounced and sees stains on the carpet. Renting carpet cleaning equipment is an option, but this […]

Shafaqna Collection: Imamate and Teachings of Imam Ali (A.S)

SHAFAQNA- The 21st of Ramadhan is the anniversary of martyrdom of Imam Ali (A.S), the first Imam of the Shia Muslims. Here is a Shafaqna collection of texts about Imam Ali (A.S); his blessed life in the company of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), his Imamate and teachings. Imam Ali’s (A.S) Imamate  Hadith of Ghadir and the […]

Video: (Dua) Day 22 of Ramadhan

SHAFAQNA- (Dua) Day 22 of Ramadhan recited by Noureddine Alkathemy. بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم اللهمّ افْتَحْ لی فیهِ أبوابَ فَضْلَکَ وأنـْزِل علیّ فیهِ بَرَکاتِکَ وَوَفّقْنی فیهِ لِموجِباتِ مَرْضاتِکَ واسْکِنّی فیهِ بُحْبوحاتِ جَنّاتِکَ یا مُجیبَ دَعْوَهِ المُضْطَرّین. Read more from Shafaqna: Video: Dua Day 21 of Ramadan Video: Dua Day 20 of Ramadan Video: Dua Day […]

Shafaqna Dictionary of Shia Islam in Media: Ihya’ (Revival)

SHAFAQNA- Shafaqna Dictionary of Shia Islam in Media is a multilingual collection of Shia Graphs that explain the words used in Shia News and Shia Media. Ihya’ (Revival) Ihya’ (Revival) in a special term means vigil and staying awake on certain nights of the year, the most important of which is Laylatul-Qadr (19th, 21st and 23rd […]

Islamic Laws on fasting: Lapsed fasting if one dies before passing of a period of time in which he could have made it up

SHAFAQNA- Islamic laws on fasting according to the Fatwas of the Grand Ayatollah Sistani. Laws of lapsed (Qadha) fasting if one dies before passing of a period of time in which he could have made it up Ruling 1671: If someone does not fast in Ramadhan due to illness, Hayd, or Nifas, and he dies before […]

3D virtual exhibition features Quranic & Islamic artworks

SHAFAQNA- IQNA: The Islamic Culture and Relations launched a 3D online Quran exhibition. According to ICRO’s website, the virtual expo has been mounted on the occasion of the holy Month of Ramadhan as part of the organization’s Quranic and Islamic development activities. It features Quranic and Islamic artworks in three categories of “Quranic Calligraphy”, “Quranic […]

Quran teacher training course held in Thailand

SHAFAQNA- IQNA: The Iranian Cultural Center in Thailand held an online course for the Quran teachers of the Southeast Asian country. According to the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, Mahdi Hassankhani, the Iranian Cultural Attaché in Bangkok, said that the educational program was organized by Iranian Quran experts on the occasion of the holy Month […]

Major challenges during Imam Ali’s (A.S) Reign: Events after the Battle of Nahrawan & martyrdom of Imam Ali (A.S)

SHAFAQNA- After the three battles of the Camel, Siffin, and Nahrawan, the Imam’s army did not respond to his calls to fight against Muawiyah. The more he called them to fight, the less interest they showed. This is best illustrated by the occasion on which the Imam addressed them as follows: Which is the house besides […]

Photos: Mihrab of Kufa Mosque

SHAFAQNA- The place where Imam Ali (A.S) was fatally wounded by a poison-coated sword while prostrating in the Fajr prayer, is the Mihrab of Kufa Mosque which is one of the saddest places on earth.  Below a set of pictures of the Mihrab in recent times can been seen: This news is originally published by […]

Photos: Kaaba in the rain

SHAFAQNA – The pilgrims of Masjid Al-Haram, who are present in Mecca for the Umrah, performed the Tawaf of the Kaaba under heavy rain. Saudi Arabia has begun accepting foreign pilgrims to attend the Umrah ceremony as the country’s public vaccination accelerates. The Ministry of Health has announced that all citizens and residents of the […]

Video: (Dua) Day 21 of Ramadhan

SHAFAQNA- (Dua) Day 21 of Ramadhan recited by Noureddine Alkathemy. بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم اللهمّ اجْعَلْ لی فیهِ الى مَرْضاتِکَ دلیلاً ولا تَجْعَل للشّیْطان فیهِ علیّ سَبیلاً واجْعَلِ الجَنّهِ لی منْزِلاً ومَقیلاً یا قاضی حَوائِجَ الطّالِبین. Read more from Shafaqna: Video: Dua Day 20 of Ramadan Video: Dua Day 19 of Ramadan Video: Dua Day […]

Catholic church in Barcelona opens to Ramadhan diners

SHAFAQNA- IQNA: With COVID-19 restrictions preventing Barcelona’s Muslim population from celebrating Ramadhan at the usual indoor venues, a Catholic church has offered up its open-air cloisters for people to eat and pray together. Every evening, between 50 and 60 Muslims, many of them homeless, stream into the centuries-old stone passages of the Church of Santa […]