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Muslim Leader in Canada: Campaign’s Focus on Niqab is “Unfortunate”

SHAFAQNA- A leader in London’s Muslim community is speaking out about his concerns with the direction of the federal election. Abd Alfatah Twakkal, the Imam of the London Muslim Mosque, says the discussion around niqabs and other issues related to his faith have distracted from the important concerns of Canadians. “Unfortunately, these types of issues […]

Hazrat Fatimah’s (S.A) Characteristics (Part 1)

SHAFAQNA- Hazrat Fatimah (A.S) was different from all women in her high qualities and noble characteristics that took her to the highest rank of virtue and perfection. She was an example of her father’s morals and mentality. She resembled him in his deep faith in Allah the Almighty, asceticism, and refraining from pleasures of this […]

Who is Zahra (S.A)?

SHAFAQNA- Who is Zahra shall dawn on Doomsday, Enemies of her enemies in divine pardon sway, Friends of her enemies shall contrite in dismay; Today’s tears shed in her love tomorrow pay. What is Zahra? First let us know  To acquire a letter angle to peep into her woe, If the prophets placed in one […]

A senior Iranian cleric: Fact-finding committee on Mina crush must be formed

SHAFAQNA- A fact-finding committee must be formed to investigate the recent deadly crush during the Hajj rituals in Mina, outside the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, Seyyed Ali Qazi-Askar, the Leader’s representative for Iran hajj and pilgrimage affairs, said in a Monday interview with the IRIB News. “Saudi Arabia should engage in special cooperation in determining the main […]

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Scientists devise new test that can find all human, animal viruses

SHAFAQNA- Thanks to a newly developed test, doctors can now diagnose virtually any virus known to infect people and animals, researchers say.   There are thousands of viruses known to cause illness in people and animals. The sheer quantity of the viruses makes their diagnosis very difficult and time-consuming as it involves a battery of tests. Current […]

Iran Leader Lashed out at Riyadh for Failing to Ensure the Safety of Hajj Pilgrims

SHAFAQNA- Ayatollah Khamenei says Saudi Arabia has not made good on its obligations regarding the recent deadly Hajj incident, saying Iran’s possible response will be”tough and harsh.” “Should we decide to show any reaction, our reaction will be tough and harsh,” said the Leader at a joint commencement ceremony for the graduates of the Iranian Army’s military academies in the […]

What things enhance the spirituality in the family? (Part 1)

SHAFAQNA- Spiritual Blessings Many blessings have been bestowed upon man by God to live a pure life, and only God knows the value of these blessings. Some of these blessings left for us are the intellect, the Quran, Prophethood, Imamate, religious scholars and the literature on practical, moral and religious issues. We will briefly discuss […]


What is Shirk?

SHAFAQNA- question What is Shirk? Concise answer Literally, shirk means to allocate; technically, in Quranic terminology, shirk – in contrast to hanif – signifies the process of allocating someone/thing as the Almighty Allah’s partner or equal. Hanif means being inclined towards righteousness and moderation; hence, the term has been coined onto those who have disassociated […]

Could Dark Matter Cause Cancer?

SHAFAQNA- Astrophysicists speculate that “mirror” dark matter poses an entirely new form of radiation threat and could cause the mutations that lead to cancer. A few years ago, this blog looked at some work examining the likely effect of dark matter on the human body. The thinking was that if dark matter fills the universe and […]

Women’s Equality in Quranic Society

SHAFAQNA- Now let us consider the second basic characteristic of the Quranic society which affects the position of women.  This is found in the directives for a dual sex rather than a unisex society.  While maintaining the validity of the equal worth of men and women, the Qur’an does not judge this equality to mean equivalence […]

You’re Married…Now What?

SHAFAQNA- The merits of getting married, and especially getting married at an early age, are very great. There are numerous verses of the Holy Qur’an and sayings from the Holy Prophet and his Ahl-ul-Bayt (peace be upon them all) which extol the virtues of getting married. Many of these traditions are almost common knowledge among […]

Food in the Qur’an and Traditions

SHAFAQNA- The Holy Qur’an: 1. “Eat and drink of that which Allah has provided and do not act corruptly, making mischief on the earth”‌ (2:60) 2. “Eat clean and Halal from what portion God allots to you”‌ (5:88) Traditions: 1. Natural Needs: Imam Baqir (PBUH): “the Almighty God created human beings as hollow in middle […]

It’s Better to Forgive

SHAFAQNA-We always ask Allah (swt) to forgive us yet we find it difficult to forgive others. This short clip explores this theme and sheds some light on the importance of forgiveness.