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Highlights of The Muslim Convention Held in Manchester, UK

  The Muslim Convention started with short lectures from world renowned speakers Shaykh Safdar Razi, Sayed Muhammad Baqir Al-Qazwini, Shaykh Muhammad Al-Hilli, Zahra Al-Hilli, Dr Ahab Bdaiwi all discussing ways to understand our identity as British Muslims. Speaker Dr Hasnain Walji  discussed the topic “The Khoja: A Community’s Quest, A Story To Be Told” in […]

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‘IN SEARCH OF A HOMELAND’: The Muslim Convention Held in Manchester

“In search of a homeland, a quest for an identity” was the theme of the Muslim Convention which was held today, November 17, 2018 in Manchester, UK. The Muslim Convention’s purpose was to connect Shia Muslims individually and collectively to promote their spiritual, educational, social, and economic prosperity. The Theme of this year convention was […]