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What did Avicenna do to find the rare book he was looking for?

SHAFAQNA – The great Islamic genius Avicenna (Abu Ali Seena), was very much interested in science, and for months and years was after a book about philosophy and wisdom written by Aristotle. He searched and used to travel everywhere to look for it but could not find it. One day he went to the Mosque, prayed two Rok’ats and then made a request to God to find the book he was looking for. He came out of the Mosque and was walking towards his house and suddenly saw an old woman who displayed some old articles on the ground for sale including some very old books. Avicenna was looking at the books and suddenly he saw the book which he was searching for years amongst them. He picked the book and told the old woman, how much do you want for this book? She mentioned a price and Avicenna paid for the book. Then he asked the old woman: Where did you bring these old articles? She replied: Poverty caused me to bring these old articles to sell. These books used to belong to my grandfather who was a learned man, and they were in the house for years and I decided to sell them. Therefore, by performing Salaat and Dua, Avicenna’s request was granted by Allah (SWT) [1].

[1] Source: Howzeh News; taken from the book of Dastaanhaye Saheb Delan, Mohammad Mahdi Ishtehardi.

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