Ayat. Hashemi Shahroudi : Saudis to overtake Israel in murder

SHAFAQNA – The vice-chairman of Iran’s Assembly of Experts Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi addressed an advanced level class of clerics on Sunday morning and pointed to recent events in Islamic countries, voicing regret over the extent of misery in Yemen upsetting all free-minded people around the world.

Referring to Al-Saud’s brutality against women and children, Ayatollah Shahroudi called them worse than Israel dealing with civilians.

Celebrating Prophet Muhammad’s first revelation, he drew a comparison between what Saudi regime is doing and what was current in pre-Islamic peninsula and called it a modern barbarism more ignorant in nature than the pre-Islamic one.

Touching upon the Saudi war on Yemen, Ayatollah Shahroudi accused the arrogant powers being behind Saudi campaign as the kingdom is safeguarding the westerners’ interests in a proxy war in which they have turned blind eye on human rights infringement and war crimes commitment.

He called the Saudi claims deceitful as they have themselves caused unrest and call for returning their ally to restore peace, and further dismissed the Saudi claim that Iran armed the Yemeni people and highlighted it as a pretext to justify Saudi crimes.

The Grand Ayatollah found the USA the main stimulator of violence and unrest in the Middle East in contrast with its mask of peacemaker and called it ironic how the events expose their lies.

Commenting on Iran and the 5+1 talks over Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, he called the US administration more desperate to finalize a deal with Iran as Obama administration is deeply troubled fulfilling its election promises to alleviate the economic depression in the US. Stressing the general public mistrusting the US promises in talks, he invited them to prove their honesty.

Source : Mehrnews

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