Ayat. Khamenei: Voices splitting Muslims ‘enemy’s mouthpiece’

SHAFAQNA – Iran’s Leader Ayatollah Khamenei said on Saturday those countries that strive to create division among Muslims are in fact the enemy’s mouthpiece. Iran’s Leader Ayatollah Khamenei received participants of 32nd International Quran Competitions here in Tehran on Saturday.

Addressing the gathering, Ayatollah Khamenei deemed recitation and memorizing Quran as means of reaching ultimate goalfor Muslims which is “following morality of Holy Quran, as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was described as a person whose manner was Quran.”

Pointing to what Qran has to educate Muslims and free them from pressure, the Leader asserted that the Muslim world has to avoid ignorance which is currently “imposed on them and has led to internal conflicts, poerty, weakness and civil wars in Muslim scountries.”

He also referred to Iran’s experience in following Islam’s insistence on resistance against enemies which would bring more power and blessings from God and dubbed this Islamic prescription as the only solution for the Islamic world.

Reiterating that the enemy sought to sow discord among Muslim nations, Revolution’s Leader underlined necessity of preventing such conspiracies; “any voices that rise to create discord among Muslims are enemy’s mouthpieces, whether they know it or not. All Muslims should confront conflicts and disparity among the Shia and the Sunni, Arab and non-Arabs, ethnicities or nationalities.”

“Today officials in some Islamic countries are suffering from illusion and cannot distinguish friend from enemy; these countries will face loss,” Ayaollah Khamenei concluded.

Source : Mehrnews

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