Ayatollah Ali Sistani – A symbol of Unity, and true representative of Imam Mahdi ( A.S) says Allama Abbas Abidi – SHAFAQNA EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

SHAFAQNA – This Ramadan 2016 Shafaqna had the privilege of conducting an interview with Hujjatul Islam wal Muslimeen Allama Abbas Abidi – of of Shiite Islam most prominent scholars, and carrier of Shiite Islam tradition across Europe and Britain.

The founding director of Hidyat TV, Allama Abbas Abidi was graceful enough to share his thoughts on Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani with us.

Shafaqna was keen this Ramadan 2016 to look into Ayatollah Sistani’s teachings, his wisdom and acumen.

Shafaqna : What is your opinion on political insight and acumen of veteran Iraqi religious personality Hazrat Ayatollah Syed Ali Sistani after Iraq turmoil?

Allama Abbas Abidi: I am grateful to Shafaqna for this exclusive discussion on a great personality of Islam, who proved by his character and speech that he is the true representative of Imam Mahdi (A.S) on the earth. He is the shelter and messiah of Muslim Ummah. When Western powers dethroned Saddam Hussain, he proved himself a true leader of Muslims and a representative of Islam which would be written in golden words in the history. At that time he symbolised Muslim Ummah by declining meeting with the then President of USA and made it clear that no one can better realise the problems of Iraq than its own people. These few words astonished the world powers and this answer has the same spirit which Ayatollah Imam Khomeni has in his words.

At that time he could have taken incentives of his choice from Western powers but he did not become a part of Western conspiracy and stood against all odds. During the era of Muqta Al Saddad he stood against the rampage of Najaf single handedly. Even After Saddam Hussain’s departure he did not demand to convert Iraq into an Islamic republic and he did not ignore Iraqi minorities and left it to Iraqi Parliament to take the course it wants thus he avoided sectarian divide.

When he realised that external powers stocking the fire of sectarianism he issued a historic verdict(Farwa) that “Any damage or disrespect to the holy places and sacred personalities of Sunnis is forbidden and spreading sectarianism is also Haram”. Even when Faluja was taken over by Takfiri Yazidi Daesh terrorists, he announced Jihad against them and also advised his followers not to harm any non-combatant, Children, women and elders following the teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH).  He conveyed to the world that what is the true face of Islam and proved by his acts that Daesh and other Takfiri groups have nothing to do with Islam. The term Islamic terrorism is totally misleading. Islam and terrorism are two opposite things same as darkness and light. Similarly our enemies made a futile attempt of mingling Islam with terrorism.  Islam is the religion of peace and tranquillity. It has no links with terrorism. May Allah give him more courage to lead Muslims to the true path (Ameen)

This interview was published first on Shafaqna Pakistan network

Find here the video interview in Urdu:

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