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Ayatollah Sistani expressed his “deep sorrow and concern” over the “current escalation of the political conflict” in Iraq

SHAFAQNA – An official sources at the office of Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani – Iraq’s most prominent religious cleric, and authority – refuted recent press reports which have claimed Ayatollah Sistani broke away from tradition by actively participating into the country’s recent political affairs.

Media over the past weeks and days have linked new government officials’ appointments to the Grand Ayatollah, alleging he had leaned on Baghdad to position certain selected individuals, where he felt they would be most suited.

Ayatollah Sistani’s office made abundantly clear that such reports are pure fabrication.

The Grand Ayatollah’s emphasized how disappointed and pained the prominent cleric felt before officials’s lack of foresight, and restraint, at such a time when Iraq faces several aggravated internal threats. Ayatollah Sistani called upon all state officials, and politicians to carefully weigh their position, while keeping in mind the need to promote people’s safety, and welfare.

Plagued by instability, Iraq has had to grapple with political tensions over the past weeks – which tensions Ayatollah Sistani would like to see resolve promptly.

While the Grand Ayatollah has always kept a very close eye on all developments within Iraq, he has seldom departed from his role as active observer, religious leader and keeper of Islam’s traditions. Whenever Ayatollah Sistani has voiced his opinion on state matters, it always has been in the face of absolute necessity.

Following the events leading to Iraq’s current political crisis, Ayatollah Sistani expressed his “deep sorrow  and concern” over the “current escalation of the political conflict” in Iraq and urged all parties within Iraq to stop conflict and carefully reflect on their respective positions, as to promote safety, unity and justice throughout and guarantee country’s future.


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