Ayatollah Arafi: Colonialism and Oppression have led Muslim youth toward Extremism

SHAFAQNA- Speaking at the second international conference on the Takfiri phenomenon in the holy city of Qom, entitled “Takfiri Threats in Today’s World,” Ayatollah Ali-Reza Arafi said: “the diversity of nationalities and personalities at the conference will have lasting effects.”

The secretary of this international conference said that achieving solidarity among Muslim scholars in the fight against the Takfiri phenomenon and extremist movements are among the main goals of this conference.

Ayatollah Arafi stressed on the dimensions of wisdom and thought presented at the conference, adding that the participants of the conference will discuss the causes of the Takfiri phenomenon, its future and strategies to combat this dangerous phenomenon.

His Eminence said that there are both internal and external factors that have led to the growth of the Takfiri phenomenon throughout the Islamic world and referred to several of the factors in the Islamic world that together, have led the Islamic world astray from pure Muhammadan Islam.

“The backwardness of the Islamic world, colonialism and oppression of the people of Islamic countries and the lack of democracy based on religion has led Muslim youth toward extremism and toward joining Takfiri groups such as ISIL,” he explained.

He said that there are several methods that can be taken to address this dangerous phenomenon, including the promotion of correct Islamic principles and the demonstration of true Islam by the scholars and also the deep study of religion and serious dialogue between members of the various Islamic sects.

Ayatollah Arafi said that textbooks used in many Muslim countries must cleaned of opinions and ideas that lead to the spread of extremism among Muslims and added that the enemies of Islam are also trying to create dissension among Muslims in order to reach their goals and have launched 30 satellite networks as part of this goal.

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