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Ayatollah Araki praises leaders and people of Bahrain in 4th revolution anniversary

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Ayatollah Mohsen Araki issued a statement in which he saluted the martyrs of the revolution, and praised the leaders of the revolution, He added  that leaders “which filled Bahrain jails from them, and resisted the tyranny of the rulers with no boredom or fatigue.

Ayatollah Araki also paid tribute to leaders on the grounds from youths , and all spectra people Bahrani Rebel, “and on top wise scholar leadership.”Araki statement confirmed the continuation of the revolution in its fourth anniversary, and to continue on the path of vigor peaceful revolution, and said that this was evidence of the ability of the revolution to victory and success.Araki said that to be legitimate imperative for Bahrainis continue their revolution led by scholars until the achievement of demands.




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