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Ayatollah Khamenei: US has been defeated from Iran for forty years

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SHAFAQNA: For forty years, Iran and the US have been struggling with each other, in which Iran has been victorious, said the Leader of the Islamic Revolution on Saturday.

‘The challenge between the US and Iran has been going on; they have made various moves, from military and economic war to media war,’ said Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in a meeting with thousands of Iranian students.

‘All the US has done is because it wants to regain the dominance it enjoyed during the Pahlavi regime, which hasn’t been able to.’

Ayatollah Khamenei said that in the forty-year challenge, Iran has always been the victor, adding the proof is that the US started the (Iraqi-imposed) war but did not reached its goal, Irna reported.

‘Generally speaking, the US power is abating; the US is today much weaker than forty years ago. Many American politicians believe that the soft power of the US is washed-out.’

‘It was the same under Obama. Under this president, it is clear; every decision made by the US is countered not only by the people but also by the governments.’

‘Even liberal democracy is losing face; the new president of the US has been besmirching the honor of all of these and the residual reputation of the US and liberal democracy is being impugned.’

Saying that hard power of the US, i.e. military and economic ones, is weakening too, the Leader said, ‘The US military is utterly befuddled; and that’s why they use organizations like Blackwater Company to achieve their military goals. Their economy is falling too; they are $15.8 trillion in the red.’

‘One of the instances of their defeat is that they have not been able to affect our youths’ independence-seeking morale.’

Even those Iranian youths, who don’t have much religious commitment, are sensitive to foreigners’ dominance, said the leader.

The independence-seeking morale of the Iranian youths has penetrated into the neighboring countries, he added.

‘The US considers that this is our fault and threatens us that if the youths of a country attack the US forces, the US counts Iran as responsible.’

Addressing the US authorities, the leader said, ‘It is very wrong of you to do so. The people of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Pakistan loathe you; what does it have to do with us? Why don’t the Americans understand why the nations hate them? You behaved wrongly and sleeked dominance, so the people are entitled to hate you?’


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