Ayatollah Khamenei :World respects Iran’s armed forces

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- The Leader of the Islamic Republic has inaugurated the 8th graduation ceremony of Imam Ali University for Army Officers (IUAC) students on Monday.

“Our armed forces have demonstrated their capabilities; the world now respects them and considers them and knows well that in the field of actual war, they [armed forces] spare no single soldier and will act with their best possible performance,” stated the Leader.

Ayatollah Khamenei said that armed forces provided the ‘pillars of hegemony’ of any country; “the source and cause of real prestige in armed forces is piousness and a sense of responsibility along with well-equipped and trained human force with advanced technologies and capabilities of the day,” he emphasized.

“Today, the world is thirsty of the emancipating messages of the true Islam; however, the devilish hegemonic powers have waged an orchestrated attempt to block these messages from reaching to the uninformed public of the world through politics, militarism and all other means possible; but this call has been heard, the fact that is indicated by the ever-increasing fears of the imperialistic powers [of the message],” the Leader addressed the ceremony.

Ayatollah Khamenei believed that issue of spiritual strength and motivation should be focused upon; “A large number of trained and well-equipped human forces would not bring power and prestige to armed forces without company of spiritual motivations, and the true understanding of their responsibilities should govern policies and orientations,” he asserted.

The Leader pointed to the honors much-deserved by Imam Ali University of Armed Officers student-martyrs; “prepare well for promoting the place of the armed forces as one of the pillars of country’s power in this bountiful complex; and as young innovative scientists, who would present the phenomena of knowledge, catapult the countries armed forces to the pinnacles of power,” he addressed the graduate student-officers present in the field.

“Today, the world is in need of the Islamic message of Iranian nation more than ever; the world’s bullying powers have resorted to every means to show Islam as an object of fright in the eyes of the world public, since they [hegemonic powers] would fear their vested interests,” the Leader noted, giving examples of the fear as manifest in mass murdering of the innocent people by the mercenaries of the hegemonic powers and their allies elsewhere around the world.

“The generation before you presented the true Islam and its message to the world in the arena of politics; this time you are the true heirs to this legacy of the most worthy men to continue their mission,” Ayatollah Khamenei said.






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