Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi: People should not be divided over nuclear talks, parliamentary elections

SHAFAQNA - Senior cleric Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi said on Wednesday that discord is a fatal poison and advised people to be watchful that the ongoing nuclear talks or even parliamentary elections would divide them. 

Addressing a group of clerics in Qom, he said discord under such sensitive circumstances will be regarded as a fatal poison in dealing with avarice polices of the enemies who wish to collapse nuclear deal between Iran and the west. 

Our enemies bring many new excuses even after clinching the final nuclear deal, he said and expressed the hope that the Iranian nation to take advantage of holy month of Ramadan to purify themselves. 

‘We are in dire need of unity more than ever,’ he said adding that it will be naive to assume that after final agreement in nuclear talks the avarice and bullying western states to leave us alone as they will put the issue of human rights on the table. 

‘As long as Iran has not given in and has not recognized the Zionist regime, the enemies will never leave us alone,’ he warned. 

The enemies never lets a powerful and independent Iran stand against them in the Middle East region as our independency and government bother them, he said. 

The Americans have recently advised the Iraqi government not to allow Jihadi people to take part in the war on ISIL in a bid to prepare grounds for the defeat of Iraqi army and disintegration of the country, Ayatollah Makarem said.

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