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Ayatollah Modarresi: Iraq to serve as center of Shia cooperation worldwide

SHAFAQNA – In his weekly statement, Senior Iraqi cleric Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Taqi Modarresi asked Iraqi citizens to serve as the axis of cooperation among regional states; he also pointed out that the city of Tal Afar is an oppressed one and will soon be liberated from terrorists.

“We salute the Iraqi forces who are preparing to participate in the operation to liberate the city of Tall Afar.” Ayatollah Modarresi asserted in his weekly statement.

The top Shia cleric further added, “The presence of Shia holy shrines as well as the long history of Islamic civilization makes Iraq a suitable country to mediate as an axis of cooperation among Islamic countries, especially regional states.”

“Iraqi Shia Muslims have the capacity to establish cooperation among Shias around the world including Iranian Shia Muslims as well as with other countries.” Hawzah quoted him as saying.

Top Iraqi cleric went on, “In the same vein, Iraqi Sunni Muslims must also act as the mediators for establishing cooperation among Sunnis all around the world, especially the neighboring countries; As a matter of fact, the Iraqi Kurds and Turkmens could link the Iraqis with other tribes and ethnicities.”

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