Ayatollah Shahroudi speaks on the love of AhlulBayt

SHAFAQNA – In his opening speech at the First Assembly of Lovers of AhlulBayt and the Issue of Takfirism, Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi called for greater unity in between Muslims, noting that AhlulBayt should act as a catalyst for tolerance and brotherhood among all schools of thoughts within Islam and beyond.

Speaking on the compassion and tolerance demonstrated by the Prophet Muhammad Ayatollah Shahroudi pointed to the fact that nothing other than love can gather nearly 20 million people in the great pilgrimage of Arbaeen.

The Chairman of the Expediency Council stated: “By understanding the great ability of pure love of AhlulBayt (AS), the enemies are trying to show a fake version of Islam through Takfirism and evil entities such as ISIS in order to prevent the expansion of true Islam.”

He also added that all of these conspiracies have one thing in common and that is the prevention of the spread of the enlightening culture of AhlulBayt (AS).

Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi added that the love for AhlulBayt (AS) is not limited to Shi’ites and that this ideology should be spread to everyone.

He also added that the opening of this assembly coincides with victory against ISIS and congratulated the people of Iran, Iraq and resistance forces, especially Hezbollah.

At the end of this speech, he also said that: “As Wahhabism played a pivotal role in the creation of ISIS and caused many tragedies and sullied the name of Islam, the Islamic world will not be able to rest till the source of ISIS ideology is destroyed.

First Assembly of Lovers of Ahl al-Bayt (AS) and the Issue of Takfiris will be held during two days with the support of the World Islamic Awakening Assembly and, in cooperation with various institutions, including the Ahlulbayt at World Assembly.


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