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Azerbaijan Bans over 730 Religious Books


SHAFAQNA- The Republic of Azerbaijan’s government banned the import of 732 books on religious issues.

The Caucasian country’s government committee for religious groups has made the decision, the Caucasus Religious Center reported.

It said more than 2700 religious books were reviewed by experts in the country in 2015, based on which import of 732 books was banned.

The committee said the banned books contain radical and extremist views.

It also said that out of 169 religious books ready for print, 5 were deemed not appropriate for publication.

The Republic of Azerbaijan is a Muslim majority state of more than nine million people, with Shias accounting for 85 percent of the population.

The secular government of Aliyev has drawn international outcry over its heavy-handed crackdown on dissent and religious activities.​

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