Azerbaijan stands against religious radicalism – Defends Islam’s tolerance core values

SHAFAQNA – Religious backwardness and hurufism (a sect of sufism movement) has always been met with utmost resistance in Azerbaijan.

Attached to its moderate Islamic civilization and tradition Azerbaijan has never been looked kindly on any form of radicalism as it inherently stands in negation of its profound respect and tolerance for other faiths and other communities. And when it comes to Islamic education Azerbaijan puts tolerance at the top of its agenda.

The Head of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations, Mubariz Gurbanli once more confirmed that Azerbaijan weighs down severely on all kind of religious provocations and radical movements hiding under Islamic guise.

Addressing the international “Islamic Education and Mondernity” conference in Baku on April 16, Gurbanli expressed his belief that any religious currents which will seek to propagate intolerance will be doomed to oblivion.

“Those religions promoting peace remain in history. If religion abuses its advantages to agitate extremism and radicalism, it is obviously obsessed by unconsciousness,” he said.

Azerbaijan has exerted every efforts to promote moderation and tolerance said Gurbanli adding that as a result the country had entered a new phase.

He noted on the importance to grow religious sentiment based on the principle of protection of national and spiritual values. “To meet the need of the scientific propaganda of Islamic values, local scientists and Islamic scholars have to stand together and tackle this duty, ” Gurbanli said.

Modern Azerbaijan stands for a perfect worldwide example in terms of religious tolerance, multiculturalism and religious safety. At a time when the world is hit by reckless religious confrontations, Azerbaijan manages to ensure security and safety for the worshippers of all heavenly religions.

Gurbanli did not bypass Armenia’s atrocities in the occupied Azerbaijani lands as he warned that “those crimes damaged not only Azerbaijan, but the Islamic world’s priceless heritage.”

He added, “The destruction of more than 900 monuments, including mosques in the Azerbaijani territory stands testimony to Armenia’s aggressive behavior.”

Sitting at a crossroad in between two big religious civilizations, Azerbaijan could be viewed as a perfect incubus of religious extremism, yet its unique culture of tolerance and strict government oversight has made Azerbaijan a model of peace, a religious safe haven.

The authorities have always held true to their responsibilities and duties toward Azerbaijan’s religious and cultural values by systematically cracking down on any form of radicalism and extremism.

Since the ethnic and religious diversity in the country is seen as a true national wealth, the forces standing against Azerbaijan’s traditional values and tolerant environment, as well as those attempting to promote their political interests under a religious mask have no chance to prevail.

As Gurbanli noted, ” Azerbaijan will launch an ousting policy against all kinds of religious threats”.

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