Azhar declares electronic war on “Daash”

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Al-Azhar said in a statement to start an electronic war to counter “Daash” through a Electronic Center under construction to monitor posting Daesh to youth-oriented and respond to ideas.Ahmed Al-Tayeb confirmed that in the beginning of the center that it will work before the end of March,  and will be provided with all the hardware and researchers. Azhar will accelerate the launching of center “to immunize young people and protect them against being falling into the trap of these terrorist groups” and Azhar will be responded in the same language, which publishes the “Daash” ideas, in addition to what the Islamic Research Academy of efforts in this regard.

Abbas Schumann, Under-Azhar said he was selected the appropriate location of the center will be equipped to set off the Internet at work before the end of the month.The Al-Azhar had previously announced that “Daash” terrorist group has nothing to do with true Islamic religion .

Source image : Nabaa TV

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