SHAFAQNA – Islamic scholar Sheikh Bahaie wrote: One day in a large gatheirng, someone mentioned my name and one of those present claimed to be my friend but he was lying. He started talking behind my back and accused me of committing some unjust deeds. He did not consider Ayah 12 of Surah Al-Hojarat saying: “Do you like eating your dead brother’s flesh?”
Afterwards when he realised that I am aware of his backbiting, wrote me a long letter and in it he expressed his remorse and asked me to forgive him. I wrote back, may God rewards you for your present which you sent me because your gift caused my good deeds to become heavy on the scale on the Day of Judgement [1]

[1] Daastaanha wa Pandha by Mohammadi Eshtehardi, Vol. 4, Page 124.

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