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Bahrain : 9 defendants to court accuse insulting King Abdullah after his death

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Chief Prosecutor of the Northern Province Mohamed Salah said that the Public Prosecutor’s Office has completed its investigation into the special issue by the nine accused of abusing one of the Arab countries, which date back details of the incident thereon to receive public prosecutor nine claim from public administration to combat corruption and economic and electronic security for a group of persons misuse the communication devices by doing across social networking media writing words against  arabic figure (King Abdullah) that conceder insult to his right.

He added that the investigation findings determine the nine defendants who were arrested all of them and presenting them to the public prosecutor who investigated them and questioning what is attributed to them and have been charged with abuse of communications devices and ordered jailed pending on investigation.

As stated the public prosecutor’s speech, Minister of Justice and Islamic Affairs and Endowments as that without the defendants of phrases constitutes a crime insult against a foreign country as touches a symbol of symbols, which may become his death, part of its history.public prosecutor has ordered the referral of the defendants all to Minor criminal Court on charges of insulting foreign country openly and abuse of means of communication and determine its session next Monday (February 16, 2015).

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