Bahrain Authority bans 300,000 citizens from protesting the sham elections

SHAFAQNA- The Bahraini Authority has banned the opposition from holding a gigantic rally on Friday 21st November. At least 300,000 Bahrainis were expected to join the rally to voice their boycott of the elections set on November 22nd.

The opposition said the elections lack the fundamental bases of justice and legitimacy and is an escape from the demands raised by the political majority of the Bahraini people to transit to democracy and end the current dictatorial rule.

The National Democratic Opposition Parties have filed an official notice memo at the Ministry of Interior on November 10th 2014, to organize a gigantic rally on 21st November 2014 under the banner, “Our Demands are Legitimate” to march on Budaiya highway on Friday afternoon. However, the Ministry refused to receive the notice memo and said protests are banned. The Authority has repeatedly resorted to violence and arms to confront the protests and rallies it refused to receive notices of.

The Bahraini regime is repressing everybody who voices objection and rejection to the sham elections and calls for real political reform. The National Democratic Opposition Parties are persistent to continue with the massive peaceful movement for democracy to build a state where the people are the source of all powers.

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